Direct Security is ECHO-Ready

Direct Security is pleased to announce that we are switching our police response monitoring service to “ECHO” in partnership with The National Police Chiefs Council. All alarm signals will now be sent directly to the relevant policing authorities. This means that customers who have police response with Direct Security for their maintained and monitored intruder and hold-up alarm systems will receive immediate police response.

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ECHO is a not-for-profit organisation delivering automated transmission of alarm signalling and messaging between ARCs and blue light services. Their innovative system reduces delays in the despatch of blue light responders to emergencies.

  • It provides a centralised, fully automated electronic alarm transmission service on demand between ECHO-connected alarm installations and ECHO-connected blue light services.
  • When ‘every second counts’ in some emergency circumstances, the premises owner and occupier is assured of a faster response.
  • The switch from slow and manual call handling to machine-to-machine signalling will save between 1 – 4 minutes in response time.
  • The potential for human error is reduced, such as mishearing an address or transliterating an incident type, ensuring accurate information is transmitted automatically.

If you’d like to know more about ECHO and what it means for you, get in touch with us today.

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Direct Security is ECHO-Ready


Direct Security enhances police response monitoring service by switching to “ECHO” in partnership with The National Police Chiefs Council.