Home security – how to make your house safer in 2021

Is your home security up to scratch? These simple top tips go a long way when it comes to safeguarding your home, belongings and loved ones.

Protect doors, windows and garages: Break-ins almost always occur through the most common entry points, which is why proper door and window locks are a powerful deterrent and tool against burglaries. Just remember the small detail of actually using them every night and when you go out!

Get a burglar alarm: One of the best ways to put off an intruder is by having an alarm on display, but here’s a little secret – a dummy alarm doesn’t always cut it. Nowadays the majority of burglars can actually tell the difference between a fake alarm and a real one. So, do yourself a great favour by saving your money long term and investing in one that works.

Safeguard valuables: Are you guilty of storing your treasures under the bed or at the back of a cupboard or drawer? How about the good old shoebox? A modern safe that can be securely attached to the wall or floor is your best bet when it comes to safeguarding your precious belongings.

Put Devices Away: When you pop out, think twice about leaving your laptop on the table or iPad charging on the sofa. Devices should always be kept out of sight, rather than being on show for opportunistic burglars. And don’t forget the packaging – empty boxes of pricey items should also be kept inside until recycling morning.

Tend the Garden: Here’s a reason to get the lawn mower out. Tidy gardens leave the impression that a property is occupied. Keep hedges low and difficult to hide behind, use gravel in some areas so you can hear when someone is walking on it, don’t leave step ladders lying around to help intruders climb in, and make sure your shed is padlocked.

Don’t ignore fire safety: Did you know that most accidental household fires in the UK involve kitchen equipment? And the most common reason for smoke alarms failing to activate is due to fires being out of range? The National Fire Chiefs Council now advise householders to install alarms in all their most frequently used rooms.

Security Lights: Outdoor lights, preferably those set off by movement, are an essential safeguarding measure when returning home after dark, as well as being another great way to deter burglars. With indoor lighting, it’s key to give the impression that someone is home. Basic timers that can turn lights and TVs on and off are cheap and effective choices.

Don’t rule out CCTV: Thanks to easier installation and decreasing prices, indoor and outdoor CCTV has become increasingly popular with security-conscious homeowners. From wired to wireless, and motion detection to remote access, there’s a variety of options which suit a vast range of properties and budgets.

Get smarter: Wi-Fi is smart and convenient, but if it’s not used properly, it can leave you vulnerable. Taking simple precautions such as using strong passwords, securing your wireless router and installing antivirus and anti –malware protection, can avoid giving criminals access to your personal and financial information, as well as your home.

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