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Six ways to ensure fire safety in the office

Whatever the size or type of your business, the risk of fire exists. From a faulty electrical cable to a mere paper fire, the consequences can be devastating. The safety of employees, guests and members of the public, as well as expensive equipment and your company’s reputation could all be put at risk.

Maintaining a safe office environment is the employer’s legal responsibility. But what actions must be taken to fireproof the workplace? We’ve put together six simple fire safety tips that we recommend you put in place immediately:

Implement Office Housekeeping Rules – Instructing staff to follow simple procedures to ensure their areas are kept tidy is vital. Clutter can cause health and safety hazards by preventing a swift evacuation if aisles and exits are blocked. Waste such as cardboard should be disposed of regularly and appropriately. Stock must be safely stored, and control measures taken for flammable liquids and materials in line with COSHH regulations.

Install Fire Safety Equipment – It is crucial that proper fire equipment is installed in the correct areas. From smoke detectors, fire bells and beacons to extinguishers, escape ladders and sprinklers, they all ensure employees can be quickly alerted, evacuated and a fire can be tackled before it gets out of hand. Equipment should also be inspected and maintained periodically to make sure it’s all in working order and to limit the possibility of any faults.

Carry Out Electrical Checks – It’s important to remember that fire poses a threat wherever there’s electrical equipment. Overloaded plug sockets and faulty or old wires can spark fires. Electrical equipment must be professionally checked, and PAT tested regularly. It’s also a good idea to dispose of faulty electricals quickly and safely, and to avoid unqualified staff carrying out electrical repairs.

Draw Up a Fire Prevention Plan – A FPP comes highly recommended, and is often compulsory for businesses with over ten employees. A formal workplace evaluation is carried out detailing the fire prevention methods and procedures in the company, as well as highlighting potential fire risks and examining the mitigation methods in place.

Fire Train Staff – For any fire measures to be effectively implemented in the workplace, designated staff should be appointed and trained in fire safety. They should, in turn, appoint fire wardens in different areas of the building, arrange regular fire drills and in the event of a fire, manage the correct procedures, including escorting people safely out the property.

Take Security Measures – A large number of serious workplace fires result from arson. This can be prevented by taking building security seriously. CCTV, security lighting, intruder alarms and access control are key deterrents to arsonists and other criminals. They can also assist with the investigation into how a fire may have started and who might have been involved.

Our trained fire system engineers provide all the advice you need to ensure you receive the most effective solution, all while meeting the strict requirements of BS5839. We offer a range of technically advanced solutions from stand-alone smoke detectors, through to fully functional addressable fire alarm systems. All our fire security products, including detectors, remote terminals, fire panels, sounders and beacons are highly dependable, conforming to the highest standards set by the fire and security industry.

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