Video Surveillance Security Tips for Businesses

Video surveillance systems can deter crime by over 50 percent. They are a powerful and effective security solution that businesses shouldn’t overlook. As well as providing evidence following incidents and assisting with claims, video surveillance also makes your staff and visitors feel at ease. We’ve put together some fundamental tips on how to use video surveillance to keep your business safe:

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1. Opt for a good camera – A decent video surveillance camera with a high resolution provides a better quality image. Adjustable angles, night vision, wireless options (IP-based systems) and remote access capability are useful features to consider. Also, if the camera is to be situated outdoors, it’s also a good idea for it to be weatherproof.

2. Place cameras strategically – Once you’ve considered whether you require them in full view as a deterrent or prefer them hidden, they should be installed 8-10 feet off the ground. Installing them above all access points (including car parks & loading bays) is vital. Cameras should also overlook important areas such as cash registers and stock rooms. Ensure they’re positioned to capture wide angles and under sufficient lighting if needed.

3. Use cloud storage – It’s vital that footage from your video surveillance system is saved securely off-site in the cloud. This avoids the risk of data loss, corruption and theft as well as negating the need to transfer high volumes of footage to various storage devices in order to free up space. Cloud storage also enables you to access video surveillance footage remotely through your smart devices.

4. Prevent hackers – The hacking of video surveillance cameras is a risk that unfortunately comes with technology. Employ strong password management to cameras that require an internet connection and secure your business network. Avoid connections to a public network. Go for cameras with encrypted signals as they make it more difficult for hackers to identify valuable data.

5. Maintain your equipment – Consider the consequences of what could happen if your system failed to operate when needed. Keeping your video surveillance kit in good condition not only provides peace of mind, but it’s crucial to the system serving you well over the long term. Ensure the equipment is regularly cleaned, checked, tested and updated accordingly – could save you heaps of money in the long run.

Direct Security is able to fully advise and assist with the installation of video surveillance systems specific to your establishment and the needs of your business. Our wide range of quality solutions from simple to high specification cameras, offer essential features such as clear visibility and secure data protection capabilities. As experts within the industry, we understand the importance of reliable equipment and experienced staff and as a result our maintenance contracts provide the highest value and peace of mind on the market.

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