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CCTV / ANPR Systems


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have developed considerably in the past few years and are now a highly effective method of protecting property and people. The latest high-resolution surveillance systems have become a real force in helping the police beat crime. Systems are available for inside or outside premises, with footage in monochrome or colour, and a range of lighting options to illuminate difficult-to-see areas. Footage can be viewed in real-time from a single monitor or several monitoring locations, can be recorded, further to being connected to a local or wide area network.

We also provide Remote Monitored CCTV and Site Management systems to businesses. These are ideal for protecting multiple sites simultaneously; eliminating the need for on-the-spot manned protection at every company location. With links to all monitoring points, if a site is under threat from intruders, our trained monitoring staff can immediately inform the police so preventative action can be implemented. Our Remote Monitored CCTV Systems also have an integral audio function, which enables audible warnings to be issued to the site at risk.

Direct Security is able to design a CCTV system specific to your premises and manage the installation, maintenance and technical support for large or small applications.

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High-resolution surveillance systems are a highly effective method of protecting properties and people, and have become a real force in helping beat crime.

Access Control

A well-designed access control system provides a simple and cost-effective solution for ‘walk in’ thefts and staff monitoring.

Intruder/Personal Alarms

The latest technology offers protection via infra-red, microwave, vibration and acoustic detectors to monitor unauthorised entry.

Entry Systems

Screen visitors to your property with the latest range of audio and video entry systems; a safe and convenient way of authorising access to your property.

Fire Security

Fire detection and warning is essential in protecting your building and employees from the devastation of fire, facilitating safe and swift evacuations.

Integrated Systems

An integrated security system combines all of your existing security functions into one centrally managed system.