Top 10 Summer Home Security Tips

As COVID restrictions relax and holiday plans heighten, don’t be tempted to rush out without a second thought to your home security – the risk of home burglary is also at its peak. Check out our essential summer security top tips to ensure complete peace of mind when you’re out and about this summer.

Open front door with keys in lock on a sunny day

1. Pretend you’re at home

This means thinking about your home from an intruder’s perspective and taking measures to appear that you are in even if you’re out. From basic timers to smart home security systems that can control your home security from anywhere in the world, your lights, TV’s, sound systems and garden sprinklers can be programmed to turn themselves on and off around the home at varied times.

2. Shut your curtains

Even when it’s summer, leaving the curtains or blinds constantly open is not advisable. A thief on the prowl can easily peer through net curtains or half open blinds if they’re trying to check if someone is about. Make sure   valuables such as a laptop or iPad or even worse your packed luggage for your early morning flight is not in view.

3. Ask your friend for help

Get a friend to pop round randomly to check on things and pick up your post before it piles up. Even efforts such as timing their visit to coincide with being around to greet the gardener and leaving their car parked in your driveway now and again gives the impression that someone’s at home.

4. Connect with the neighbours

Having someone next door you can count on to give you a call if anything looks suspicious is extremely valuable. When it comes to showing up in an emergency, guarding the spare key or accepting deliveries, they’re often a safe bet.  Taking the step to join a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme ensures that others nearby are also looking out for your home security.

5. Double lock and double check!

Even though front and back doors (especially glass doors) are the most common entry points, open windows and garages are just as tempting for burglars. Close and lock – even if it’s a hot day and they seem out of reach. Some alarm systems have a glass break sensor, which is an excellent home security option to have. Integrated home security systems can also remotely monitor and control doors and notify you in real-time if doors become unlocked.

6. Get a good burglar alarm

One of the best burglar deterrents is having a good alarm on display. Make it obvious your home is protected and create fear of a loud alarm in the first instance. The sense of security and peace of mind you get with an alarm system is possibly the largest benefit of all. Monitored intruder alarms offer even better home security protection since they’re connected to a certified security monitoring provider that can alert the police.

7. Install a camera

Even the simplest sign of a camera can effectively deter a trespasser. A property with a camera indicates that home security is taken seriously. Indoor and outdoor cameras also hugely contribute to peace of mind, especially with smart connections through your mobile device.  CCTV and doorbell cameras functionalities can include clever features such as night vision, motion detection, and video surveillance.

8. Opt for an integrated system

Thought about an integrated security system that remotely taps into what’s going on at home from your phone or iPad? Depending on the system, from controlling all smart devices throughout your home such as locks, cameras, lighting and thermostats to receiving smoke alarm notifications, the possibilities are endless.


9. Don’t skip the garden

Hidden keys under doormats or plant pots are far from bright ideas for obvious reasons. Lock ladders in the shed rather than leaving them handy. Keep the garden maintained as overgrown areas are a real giveaway. Bear in mind intruders are a fan of large shrubs, so they can hide from neighbours. Outdoor lights are a priority measure for home security as they put off burglars. Bear in mind they pay particular attention to the sides and rear of your house. Sensor lights, CCTVS or a modern alarm system that can also schedule exterior lights are all powerful defence options.

 10. Hold back on social media

Take online safety rules seriously and don’t follow the crowd by advertising that you’re far away from your home. It might seem exciting to post your photo with a pina colada by the pool whilst abroad, but it’s less thrilling to return to a burgled home. Be wise and wait until you’re back from your holiday before sharing your moments online. Avoid real-time check-ins and tagging locations of hotels / airports and switch off your phone and social media GPS tracking location features.

upset lady sitting on sofa in living room after a burglary

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